Sep 10, 2019 BLOG

4 Benefits of using Drones in Indian Railways


The Indian Railways is one of the largest industries in India and is increasing its scale of operations on a regular basis. Although the manual support system Indian Railways have is excellent, but further improvement is only possible with the help of technology, and what better way of improving than the use of cutting edge, latest drone technology.

Drones are being integrated in India in various sectors such as Mining, Construction, Roadways and many other areas. It is time we integrate this technology into railways to witness excellence in operations and productivity.


Here are 4 benefits of using Drones in Indian Railways:

1. Project Monitoring- Monitoring of Railway projects is a challenge in India as it is conducted manually which is time taking and less effective. With Drones, this can be done with ease by having an aerial view of large sections of the area. The UAV’s will be equipped with high quality cameras which will provide live information to the operators regarding the project, its progress and changes to be implemented.


2. Infrastructure inspection- Regular inspection of infrastructure such as railway, stations, power lines are done in the Indian Railways. Conducting these inspection manually pose huge costs and are often not effective. Using Drones which are equipped with high quality cameras can even the provide data regarding the minute details a manual inspector might miss.

Correcting small infrastructural mistakes go a long way and using Drone based technology is the best way to do this. Conducting regular inspections will become easy and time saving. It is hard to reach places such as hilly terrains, jungles for inspection and can be a matter of risk for the inspectors. The use of drones eliminates these risks.


3. Accident Investigation- The investigation of accidents is a very important task which is also done manually. Drones can be used to provide assistance to manual investigators by capturing high quality photographs, videos which catch details and can provide key insights to the investigators.


4. Mapping- Drones are equipped with thermal imagery capabilities, remote sensors and various other geographical capabilities which enable them to help in making 2-D, 3-D maps of vast areas of land with ease. Once mapping is done, they can help in better planning of railway tracks, infrastructure requirements and changes to be made in the current infrastructure.


These were 4 out of many other uses of Drones in Indian Railways. The integration of this technology in the Indian railways can prove to be highly beneficial and enterprising for the industry at large.