Sep 17, 2019 BLOG

5 Reasons your Company needs Drones for better Warehouse Management


The Warehouse management function is one of the most time taking operations in any company. And as the company grows and the logistics evolve, the process of inventory management, reordering gets more and more tougher. Conducting manual surveys of a warehouse is time taking, non-efficient and may result into mistakes which can prove to be costly to a company.

But where human errors start, machines enter to minimize them. Like many other functions being managed by machines, this too can be managed by machines, to be specific, Drones. Compact, fast aerial vehicles which are equipped with high quality camera, sensors will help you in boosting your logistical capabilities and will be an invaluable asset to your company. Still don’t believe it, Read on to know exactly what I’m talking about.


Here are 5 Reasons your Company needs Drones for better Warehouse Management:


  1. Inventory CountDrones, equipped with sensors and cameras will be able to provide you with the exact inventory count in no time and will ensure that you take inventory decisions better. Not only that, UAV’s will be having mapping capabilities which will provide you with data regarding the complete layout of the warehouse, inventory locations and inventory capacity, future layout options and possibilities.
  2. Re-orderingDrones will be able to determine the Re-order point, Economic Order quantity using technologies such as advanced analytics, Artificial intelligence, and other advanced cutting edge technologies which will give you industry leading results, which will enhance your logistical capabilities and smoothen the complete warehouse management function.
  3. Placing Inventory itemsDrones capable of carrying payloads of up to 2-3 kgs will be able to carry inventory items by themselves and place them at the desired locations. Drones are being developed which will be capable of carrying more than 100 kg which will be able to carry heavy inventory items with ease. This will increase the efficiency of logistical functions, reduce the time taken for conducting these functions and give excellent results to companies regarding inventory management.
  4. Cost Saving- Using drones is not just an efficient solution, but it will also help your company in saving huge inventory management costs by conducting a wide variety of tasks with ease, at a fraction of the cost.
  5. Time SavingDrones are fast aerial vehicles which can cover large distances in short amount of time, not only that, in warehouses, drones will have an aerial view of the complete area which will be able to provide live updates, data and information regarding the inventory in a short span of time.


 With Drone based technology, logistical decision making will become an efficient, productive affair. Feel confident when you apply this technology to your company and you will be surprised to witness its sheer brilliance, the functions it can perform and the returns it gives to your company.