Sep 21, 2019 BLOG

7 benefits of Using Drones in Real Estate in India


Drones are being used in various sectors in India such as Agriculture, mining, Railways and many more. The Real estate sector in India is on a rise today and requires a lot of attention. One way by which this industry can witness a significant rise and increase in sales by integrating Drone based technology into Real Estate. This will give guaranteed returns, tangible and intangible benefits to Real Estate industry and its stakeholders.


Here are 7 benefits of Using Drone Technology in Real Estate in India:


  1.   Better Advertisements/Commercials- Drones can be used to create brilliant advertisement videos by having an aerial view of the property. These advertisements can help in creating a buzz about the property and attracting prospect customers towards the property.
  2.   Inspection- Manual inspection of properties can be less effective, less reliable and can pose consistent large costs to the owner. A great alternative to this is using Drones. They are equipped with high quality cameras which will provide live updates to the property owner and can cover large areas of a property in less time. If any suspicious activity is happening, they can give instant update to the owner using its sensors and will be able to assist in taking safety measures.
  3.   Aerial photography- Drones can be used to capture beautiful aerial shots of a property which enhances the value of the property and catches the eye of prospective owners. Using Drones for Aerial Photography can provide great returns as it will show that you are serious about the property and are willing to attract customers towards it.
  4.   Better View for Large Properties- Manual tour of large properties can be tiring and does not showcase the entire offerings of a property. Using Drones for capturing an aerial view of the entire property can enhance the value of the property and give the customers a holistic view of the property and what it offers.
  5.   Generation of business- Using drones will be very effective for Real estate agents as it will show people that you really care about your work and are willing to go that extra mile to satisfy your customers with aerial information which is rare in India today.
  6.   Save Cost- Using helicopters and aircrafts for capturing aerial shots is very expensive and time consuming. With compact, user friendly drones, one can conduct operation of the Drone with ease and utilise its full potential to boost your business and its capabilities in the industry.
  7.   Showcase nearby amenities- During manual tours, it is difficult for a realtor to show all the amenities surrounding a property and often gets in the way of impressing customers. By using Drones, this trouble will become history. Drones fitted with long ranging high quality cameras will be able to capture aerial information over large distances and showcase all the amenities located near a property which will enhance the value of the property and will increase the probability for a realtor to sell the property.


These were the 7 significant benefits of using Drone technology in the Real estate. Adapt this technology in your work to receive great results and achieve an increase in sales and profits. Our company provides quality services with our robust Drones and customer friendly service. Feel free to contact us for our services in your Real estate company.