May 22, 2019 BLOG

Delivery by Drones? Future of Drone based transport in India


About a decade ago, delivery of goods by Drones or even the usage of drones was a rare sight in India. But today, this is changing, drones are used by people and Indians are getting increasingly aware about the applications of drones. India is using Drone based Technology in various sectors such as agriculture, Railways, Mining, Roadways, Property Taxation and the list is increasing at a fast pace.

Until November 2018, flying Drones was prohibited, However, this changed in December as the Indian Government allowed individuals to use drones and also allowed its commercial usage under Drone Regulations 1.0. Under this regulation, companies and individuals are being allowed to register themselves for operating drones in various areas except some due to security reasons. The new policy, Drone Regulation 2.0 which will be brought by Civil aviation ministry could allow the usage of Drone taxis and delivery of goods by Drone.

The reason why both Indian and foreign companies are interested in bringing Drone based solutions in India is due to the market potential India has. India has adopted previous business innovations well and have given great ROI in the past and the sheer population of India ensures great scalability of products and services.

Foreign companies worldwide such as Amazon and many other companies have started to implement Drone delivery technology in some markets such as Africa. Full implementation of this technology is possible in the near future if these test markets respond well. Indian companies such as Zomato are also looking forward to making use of Drone Delivery technology for delivery of food and other goods to their customers.


After years of experience and gaining expertise in Drone based solutions sector, here are a few challenges and advantages future technologies such as Delivery by Drone and Air-Taxi would be facing in the Indian market:


Challenges In India

  1. Endurance- Every drone being used for commercial purposes will have a maximum duration for which it can be operated, this is a challenge as this rule does not take into consideration the conditions in which the drones would operate, terrains faced and the capacity of load carried by them.
  2. NPNT Regulation- No-permission-No-Take off regulation says that drones will only be allowed to operate if they comply with the standards predefined by the Government. Only a small number of foreign companies are ready to cooperate with this rule and only a few Indian companies have declared that they are NPNT compliant.
  3. Implementation- The software tests, pilot tests requirements and other tests to be conducted for drones and the implementation procedures are not yet defined properly which act as a challenge in the Indian scenario.



Advantages in India


  1. Delivery by Drones- Using Drones for delivery of goods can be a service which can benefit customers greatly. The time taken for delivery will be reduced to almost 30 minutes or less which will give customers an experience close to physical shopping and increase their satisfaction.
  2. Air taxi- This is a service which has huge potential. The cab service sector in India is in rise and has huge potential. The implementation of this technology in India can give huge ROI and may also reduce the time taken by people during commute. Few companies have already started researching on this and Air taxis are about to become a game changing reality in the near future.
  3. Employment Generation- The commercial implementation of Drone solutions in India can generate employment for different applications such as Drone Pilots, engineers, data processing and analysis experts, UAV operators. As this sector grows, the number of jobs available for people in India will increase and can contribute significantly towards reducing unemployment in our country.


Although India may not be fully ready for delivery by Drones and Air-Taxis yet, but it has huge potential in future and can become a sector generating billions in the near future.

We, at Aerizone are currently providing solutions to various sectors in India such as agriculture, mining, roadways, railways and many more which require our contribution. The future holds huge potential for expansion in the usage Drone based solutions such as Delivery by drones and air taxis.

As a company we would love to serve our customers using these innovative technologies and are geared up for future innovations in the Drone based solutions sector.