Jul 30, 2018 BLOG

Drone Technology in India


21st century is an Era of rapid growth in technology, no matter if it is in civil, defence, medical or any other sector. Technology has given a very different perception to look at the things. Aerospace Industry has undergone a phenomenal technological revolution especially when it comes to drones. Drones, the most featured technology at current times. When it comes to drones, one either thinks about the US attack flying machines or the quadcopter featured in movie 3 idiots, which most of the people fly as a hobby. But, the real story is far way different and is not portrayed many times. A drone is not just a spying or attack machine or a hobby toy but, it has a numerous industry and civil applications as well. In areas like agriculture, soil mapping, disaster, conservation, traffic management, crowd management, photography and filming, inspection, rescue drones have proven as a game changer.

Drone technology is a booming field and has already undergone a rapid revolution. But, in a country like India drones were still at its initial stage of development due to lack of general and technical awareness, poor availability of resources and DGCA guidelines until now. It has created a negative as well as a positive side. Due to lack of technology and awareness, India is lagging behind in the race whereas it could be seen as positive side, as this field has an immense potential to work in either in research and development or its applications based services.

Previously drones were majorly used for military purposes which were highly classified and were regulated by government and being armed they are not open for public use of course. With the technological revolution in drones they are developed under the guidelines in such a way that now it is even made available for public use and is safer to fly. Looking at their potential scope for various purposes they are now used in commercial purposes as well. In developed countries like USA, Canada, Russia etc. drones are already in use for these services and now in India as well drones are setting their foot.

Earlier, in India drones were used only in the defence sector. But, with the increasing awareness about the technology, now there are more commercial drones are flying in the Indian airspace. No matter if it is ready to fly professional drone or a customized drone, people are spending significant amount of money to learn and adapt the technology. At recent times the technology has gathered so much attention of people in India that it has given birth to some of the finest organisations like Aerizone Creative Labs Pvt. Ltd. This not only provides drone services and solutions but also runs drone training programs and workshops across the country.

DJI drones products like Inspire, Phantom, Mavic and Matrix are the popular choices among the people due to their technological advancements for various purposes. The most common application for which the drones are widely used in India is for aerial filming and inspection. Apart from DJI, companies like Intel and Parrot are also in the race to deliver the best product in the market.

Apart from aerial filming drones can be equipped with sensors and other arrangements to carry out some specific tasks. In India, fields like agriculture which were previously untouched by the technology are now using drones to inspect the crop health and even for crop dusting. The technology has provided so good results that now people across the country are trusting and preferring to use it.

While dealing with drones safety is considered as a major issue as with its productive applications, if fallen in wrong hands it could be used as a weapon. To regulate this DGCA has come up with some guidelines which every drone pilot need to follow and work under it.