Aug 30, 2019 BLOG

Drones + AI: 6 industrial Uses of this Powerful Combination


Artificial Intelligence is a technology which helps a machine gain a mind of its own. It enables them to think like a human, interpret and act according to the data acquired. What this technology mainly accomplishes is almost a 100% efficiency as machines using this technology won’t sleep, eat, take breaks or get tired. They will keep working 24/7. Another technology which is revolutionising industries is the Drone-based technology. Industries which are being impacted with this technology include Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Railways, Real Estate and various other industries. What happens when you combine both these technologies is pure brilliance. Drones will be able to take important decisions on their own and implement them effectively resulting in higher productivity, better results. Critical processes such as data collection, interpretation, disaster response will be made very easy and efficient.


How can Drones and AI be integrated?


Artificial intelligence is a very diverse area with infinite possibilities. Here are some of the technologies which come under Artificial Intelligence which can be used by Drones:


Machine learning with Drones– With this capability, a machine is able to identify common patterns and learn from them in a constructive way. Drones are flying vehicles which do not have a brain of its own yet. But by integrating AI, drones will be able to pick up the common patterns in the data collected and give useful interpretations of their own based on them. This is bound to give brilliant results to any industry if used.


Deep Learning integrated with Drones- This technology helps a machine form neural networks replicating the human brain. This functionality aids in processing data in a highly efficient manner. As Drones collect large amounts of data which takes time to process, AI will help in giving meaningful, understandable outputs from large amounts of complex inputs of data. This will help in saving the time taken in the data analysis process which is done for the final delivery of data to industries.


Drone-based Neural Network- This helps a machine forms networks of its own just like a human brain. This aids the function of deep learning. Drones collect large amounts of data which takes time to interpret and produce results, with this function, large amounts of photos collected by drones can be given a meaningful form and interpretation relevant to industries.


Natural Language Processing- Using this technology, Drones will be able to understand the human language and act accordingly. This will help in major situations such as disasters and response activities.


Computer Vision- This function helps a machine understand the content of a picture. This aids in understanding the exact details of visual data content and interpret better from it. Drones can use this technology to identify the people in an area and interpret how to help them in a unique way. For example, a healthcare drone will be able to provide better aid by identifying the people in an area, conduct instant X-ray scans and provide medical aid accordingly in a fast, efficient and reliable manner.

 With such self-learning capabilities, Drones will be able to understand a situation within seconds and know what do to. For Example, in the event of a flood, a disaster response Drone, after dealing with similar situations before, will know how to conduct response activities, where to search for casualties, process data fast and hence save lives in lesser time.

 But what are the specific uses of this technology in industries? Read on to find out. 6 industrial uses of Artificial Intelligence Drones:


  1. Aid in Construction- With Artificial Intelligence, Construction inspection will become an efficient task. The Drones will be able to provide live data regarding the construction progress, interpret the speed of the work, tasks to be done and provide key insights and help regarding possibilities of changes and adaptations in construction projects.
  2. Enhanced Emergency Response AI Drones- Effective emergency will become a thing of the near future with the help of Artificial Intelligence Drones. In a situation such as a Forest Fire, AI Drones will be able to judge the intensity of the fire, locations affected and accordingly it will be able to act by providing remedial measures.
  3. Increased Agricultural Productivity- This is a sector which involves a lot of manual labour and often does not give the desired outputs which result in huge losses and a decrease in productivity. With the help of Artificial Intelligence Drones, the best times for spreading fertilisers, pesticides and water can be identified and accordingly, the drones will be able to take necessary actions and help in increasing the productivity of the crops and increase the efficiency of the complete farming process.
  4. Insurance Claiming, Facial Recognition- With Artificial Intelligence Drones, the process of claiming insurance will become an efficient process. With Drones capturing data regarding the damage of the insured property and being equipped with facial recognition capabilities, Drones will be able to provide data, by the virtue of which insurance claiming will become an easy, efficient task saving resource, costs and time.
  5. Real-Time AI Data- One of the basic necessity in today’s fast-paced business world is data, relevant, accurate data. The process of data collection, analysis is often time-consuming and does not give accurate results. But with Artificially Intelligent Drones, inaccuracy of data will become a thing of the past. With high-quality cameras and AI sensors, drones will be able to capture raw data, analyse it and produce key business insights and interpretations which will help businesses take huge leaps towards being an industry leader using future technologies, the usage of this technology itself will give large returns to businesses on brand equity, loyalty and will increase brand awareness at the same time getting accurate data which enhances the overall business operations.
  6. AI Drones will ease Mining- Drones are already used to conduct surveys and mapping of mining areas to identify the areas of minerals, construction monitoring. But the roadblock today is that all these functions are automated by humans and the analysis of this data is time taking. With AI-equipped Drones, mining would become a self-reliant, efficient task for Drones. With these drones searching for minerals themselves, locating them using their capabilities, the time take for activities such as mineral searching and identification would become an easy task.

These were 5 amazing advantages of integrating Artificial intelligence and Drone technology. Although this technology is still in testing and may take some time to enter the market. This Future based Tech is sure to shaken up the industrial world with its robust, cutting edge technology and specific, accurate and industry-relevant results.