Sep 15, 2019 BLOG

Taxis to fly in skies near you, Here comes the Air Taxi


How do you travel to work? You go by your own car? You take a cab? I’m pretty sure that cab runs on the road. But what if your taxi could fly in the sky and get you to your destination in a matter of few minutes. This is not just a dream anymore, it is about to become a reality as researches are being conducted regarding the possibility of air taxis and it has finally started to become a reality today.

According to scientists, air taxis will be capable of carrying 4-5 people, will be fast and will be capable of conducting vertical take-off and landing. In the end, what a passenger demands from his taxi service is reliability, efficiency and the capability of dropping him/her to the desired location.

All this and more will be possible with this technology. Using Drone based technology, revolutionary machines are being made which will transform the transport industry in the near future. Entrepreneurs and big companies are grabbing this opportunity and are planning to enter the air-taxi within a few years and are testing this technology.

Companies such as Uber are testing this technology, where rivals of Uber such as Skai, a tech based start-up claim that the air-taxis they are making will cost less than taking an Uber. Cab companies have to gear up and be prepared to welcome this technology which will change travel forever. The only mystery that exists today is how this technology will be introduced and how fast people adapt to it. All this depends on the quality of the technology, how companies deliver on the promises they are making today, and how people respond to such a massive change in travel.

Well, this technology has a long way to go for now, and all we can do is wait, innovate and gear up for this technology. Who knows, an air taxi might be flying in the sky anytime. For now, our taxi services are limited to the ground level.