Sep 23, 2019 BLOG

Virtual Reality Drones : 3 Uses of This Latest Tech


A major technology which is on the rise today is that of Drones, aerial vehicles capable of flying at high speeds, high altitudes, equipped with high quality cameras and sensors. Drones are providing enterprising assistance to industries such as Agriculture, Construction, Mining, Railways, Roadways and many more. What if you combine this technology with another exciting innovation, Virtual Reality? The result will be pure brilliance. Drones are equipped with high quality cameras, Imagine wearing a VR headset and being able to control the camera and controls with the turn of your head, what you get is a dynamic, holistic view of the surroundings, details which one can view at their own convenience. The experience this technology will provide will be highly immersive and reality based. But while this technology sounds fun and will be adapted by gaming and experience lovers, what purpose does this exciting tech serve to industries who require results with efficiency and productivity? Read on to find out.


3 Reasons industries need Virtual Reality Drones:


  1. Construction inspection- VR equipped drones will be able to provide the complete detailed view to an inspector. What the person using the headset will get is better safety checks, monitoring each activity with an aerial view, monitoring the usage of resources and find spaces to be used in the environment.
  2. Real Estate- What better use of this technology than to use it in the most visual based industry, Virtual Reality will help the potential buyers get a detailed view of the house by exploring small spaces, observing each corner of the house by just turning their heads. Instead of manually walking around the house wasting energy, why not take the help of technology? This innovation will revolutionise the Real estate for the better by enhancing the experience a buyer has while exploring their options.
  3. Better Search and Rescue- Although the usage of drones will enhance search and rescue operations to a great extent, but combing VR Technology for this purpose will boost its efficiency even more. The search operators will be able to have a complete view of the disaster struck location and spot the people in need with higher efficiency and this will contribute to saving lives.


These were 3 benefits of integrating Virtual Reality in Drone Technology. Combining this technology will provide benefits to industries beyond their imaginations and expectations. The introduction of this technology is not far from reality as companies such as Intel and Samsung are already testing Virtual Reality Drones and may launch them in the near future.