Jul 27, 2018 BLOG

2017-End of the year round-up!


2017 has been a great year for Aerizone. We celebrated takeoffs, and cried over drone crashes, faced a lot of operational challenges, learned a lot of new things, and stayed dedicated to our goal and vision.

Aerizone, currently provides services in Energy, Infrastructure, GIS, Mining, media and agriculture sectors and is on a mission to raise the Indian flag in the Global Drone Industry. It plans to expand its services in various other industries like Mining, Rail & Agriculture for which they are announcing seed funding round which they plan to utilize by procuring best-in-class drone technology, Investing on training pilots and experienced data engineers to execute safe, legal, and insured missions that help customers achieve new cost and operational efficiencies.

Now what’s coming next is 2018. The 1st of January, a date which holds up significance of the new beginnings, fresh starts, goals and missions. Thus, the success of 2017 will be celebrated and reflected in the year 2018. A year we hope to be the future of some serious advancements and changes in the drones Industry.