Jul 27, 2018 BLOG

From The CEO’s Desk: The Story of Drones & Aerizone


Last year at this time, I was may be signing a document or was sick of the nervousness of how will i get this company ahead. It is easy to start a business, get investments, hire new people who will work for you and get your baby(startup) on its own legs. but our case was not so usual. We knew that our challenges are going to be different. We knew it s not going to be easy to bring the technology and its uses in India & to convince our stakeholders that this little flying robots will do more than just filming and pizza delivery. So this is the story of the firsts. The year Aerizone found it’s co-founder, hired the first employee, converted the first client and delivered our first project.

Now finding Shadman(CTO) was not a tough job. He was just next door and with me through out the journey. We had planned a lot startups and thought of doing business together during our college days. Everyone does that with their best mates. Shadman and I fell in love with the drones at the same time. It was DJI Phantom 4 that we first bought saving from our pocket money. It was love at first sight. While i loved flying them & dismantling them, he well in love with the data I used to capture. It was a perfect match – I would capture the data and he would process the data. That moment right their, I knew i have found the Chief Technology Officer of Aerizone.

For the first few months, we surrounded ourselves with drones, some spare parts and a few maps. We met our first client who asked us to do photogrammetry using the UAVs. While we got our first project, we needed someone to monitor the processing and we thought of no better option than a junior. Hence, enters Atishay Jain, then a final year aeronautical engineering student now a professional project manager and a data analyst.

We would call ourselves a team but the pack was incomplete. We needed someone to manage the back-end operations and marketing. We needed more clients and more projects. It was like an addiction backed up by the confidence of successful achievements. Things started coming into its place when we got our CMO on-board and hired more people passionate for this technology. and that’s how we reached here.


P.S. There is a lot to be written about a lot of people in my team. Sorry for the ad-hoc sharing of this article as i am about to go in-front of the crowd for a training session. I will update this blog tonight.